Can I also cut at a slant with the laser?

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The laser in our laser systems is principally configured to meet the material surface at a 90° angle. However, you can also install the diverse tools from Zund and thus significantly extend your machining range and also create slanting cutting edges.

For example, the material can be cut at an angle of 45° with the tool positioned at a slant, which means a wedge can be cut out. The wedge in turn enables the material to be “bent” into a 90° angle. The outer top layer is not damaged here, so that a perfect outer edge is created. This way you can cut sandwich and lightweight boards to mitre*.

Plexiglas (or acrylic glass) and other solid materials are furnished with a V-groove with a special milling cartridge. This way, bevels (slanted surfaces on the workpiece edges) and counterbores can be created.

With the tools installed in parallel to the laser we offer you a good and efficient alternative. You extend your machining range and are able to additionally machine materials that are not suited to the laser.

Mechanical tools

*What does cut to mitre mean?

The term ‘cut to mitre’ stands for a corner connection in which two workpieces meet each other at an angle. Usually the mitre square is 45°, as this means a connection between the two workpieces can be established at right angles.

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