How does the laser system avoid defective goods?

eurolaser laser system takes over quality assurance

The camera system is typically used for recognition of the position of the material on the worktable. This enables printed materials to be cut precisely along the printed edge without a great deal of time and effort being involved in positioning them. However, the camera function can also be used in reverse, namely for quality control. This avoids extra working steps for you and ensures constant high production quality.

Automatically recognise and reject errors

When dealing with printed materials, you inevitably encounter unwanted deviations in the pattern or colour shifts from time to time, whether caused by the printing process itself or by subsequent processing such as drying, laminating or bonding. The affected items must be identified as defective goods and rejected accordingly. However, the printing errors are not always immediately visible to the naked eye, or a disproportionate level of checking is required before further processing.

It would therefore seem sensible if you could save on the expense of cutting and if faulty prints could be recognised as such in advance. Some of our regular customers who use this facility have also reported to us the added benefit of registered mark recognition. If the positioning and choice of colours is well-thought out, the quality control stages can be carried out immediately by the camera.

The camera system recognises and warns against expensive defective goods

If, during processing, the software recognises that the printing deviates from the user specified tolerances, then, after the identification sequence, the user will be notified and can reject the faulty printing before further processing occurs. This saves on a processing stage, working time, time that the machinery is in use, and increases production quality - all in one step.

Save on working time and improve your production quality

High precision eurolaser system technology and the newly developed OptiSCOUT 7 software combined with an intelligent, high-resolution camera system make it possible. A modular technological concept - entirely in keeping with the eurolaser philosophy - for added use and flexibility in our users' workplaces.  This tried and tested leading-edge technology constitutes a much more convincing solution than any known to date. Make use of this advance for your success.

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