Can I also use the machine for routing?

Customers ask – we answer!

Are you not sure whether a laser cutter is the right processing machine for you? The laser offers a multitude of benefits, of course, but what happens if you still have to perform routing operations occasionally despite its many diverse options? Perhaps you are already working with a routing machine and wondering whether it is better to buy a new routing system or a laser cutter.

Or in other words: Can I also use the laser cutter for routing operations?

YES, you can!

The modular design of the laser system now enables you to use two mechanical tools in parallel to the laser. The complete high-quality range of tools from the Swiss Zünd Systemtechnik AG is available for the customer. If you are already using Zünd tools, you can of course go on using these. All the benefits of different operating processes can therefore be combined ideally on a single machine.

You can find out more about the combination of laser and mechanical tools on the following link:

With tools mounted in parallel to the laser we offer you a diverse and efficient alternative. You can expand your range of machining operations and also process materials that are not suitable for laser.

Do you have any questions? We are pleased to advise you.

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