eurolaser ACADEMY

Advance training in laser technology topics

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Time saving thanks to optimum software application and data processing
  • Ideal system settings and determination of parameters for maximum output
  • Legally conform certification as a laser protection officer
  • Increase in cost-effectiveness through system expansions
  • and lots more

Make targeted use of our know-how for your projects

With its ‘ACADEMY’ training concept, eurolaser offers a comprehensive service portfolio for all aspects of the laser systems. The new workshops bring you quickly and efficiently up-to-date with the latest requirements of accident prevention, safety at work

and industrial safety regulations. While the system expansions also offer a high potential for significant optimisation of your laser system in terms of output and quality. Our current workshop programme is available in English and German.

Our offer for you:

Certification as a laser system operator

(2-day course)

New machine operators must be adequately trained before they are allowed to operate your laser system. This workshop imparts and certifies all the relevant aspects required here in terms of operation and safety!

You will find more details and dates here.

LaserScout software user training


The features of the new software generation offer you the chance to optimise your laser system significantly in terms of operation, quality and output!

You will find more details and dates here.

System optimisation through professional owner maintenance

(2-day course)

Prevent unnecessary downtimes of your system through continuous and professional owner maintenance. This ensures significantly increased output and quality, appreciably lower operating costs and conservation of the value of your system.

You will find more details and dates here.

 We would be glad to respond to your special needs and arrange individual training courses for you.        Just give us a call!

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