Award: eurolaser is one of the top 100 innovators in Germany

Success right from the start with our first participation in the TOP 100 competition

eurolaser GmbH is one of the winners of this year's TOP 100 innovation competition. In this competition, an independent jury examines the innovation management of medium-sized companies and the successes achieved on the basis of holistic scientific criteria. We succeeded in jumping among the best 100 right from their first participation.


Our offer of material certification has been particularly well received here. Our specialists test the laser cutting properties and determine the most favourable cutting parameters. The material receives a certificate of laser suitability and the information is stored in a central database. This database provides users with important information to determine their individual cutting parameters and to work optimally with eurolaser's laser cutting systems right from the start.

Matthias Kluczinski, founder and managing partner of eurolaser, is certain:

"This award is primarily due to the commitment of our employees. In order to maintain our innovative strength, we have to provide an attractive working environment that expressly welcomes and supports personal development and initiative."

According to Ranga Yogeshwar, the long-standing mentor, the focus of the competition is on the following characteristics of a good culture of innovation: "openness to new ideas, tolerance of mistakes and a constant effort to make things new and different".

The TOP 100 companies are on a growth course. A total of around 18,000 new jobs are planned between 2018 and 2020. New products and innovative improvements account for a good third of the prizewinners' sales. In this way, the products and processes in the companies always remain up-to-date and open to new aspects and approaches. eurolaser is also constantly expanding its workforce and working on new products.

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