eurolaser GmbH

Experience in the laser processing

The company eurolaser was founded in September 1994 by Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Kluczinski a.o. with a view to establish the laser technology for material processing in the industry and in the handcraft sector. The company founder had already gained much experience with and about the laser technology as employee in a North German engineering company. Since the foundation of the company many goals where achieved, being represented in a growth above average and a world- wide distribution and service structure.

The company develops and designs processing machines which – equipped with established laser technology – correspond the various different customer and user applications. Besides the development of special system variations the basis for all systems is a modular concept, ensuring an application variety that is unusual in this market sector. And this flexibility is demanded by the market, while at the same time it ensures the success of the users with short delivery times and a balanced cost-benefit calculation. The mounting of all high quality components takes place according to orders in own facilities. Here the high demands of worldwide customers are complied with by qualified personnel and a sophisticated quality management concept.

All activities have always been driven by one thought: To apply the laser technology which is superior to many conventional production processes even more successful for the business of the eurolaser customers! This is the motivation for the about 100 employees in Lueneburg to regard things from a different point of view again and again in order to find and to apply production relevant solutions. By this the laser technology has been exported to local markets as well as to the world market as Germany`s top technology in engineering. The valuable customer reference list and a high customer satisfaction, being confirmed by additional purchases through established companies are the pride of the company founder and the complete staff, for which our commitment and our know-how form the basis.

But successful customers have always been our main drive for our development – and this will not change.

The eurolaser founder Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Kluczinski:

"In many fields of application our customers and we have performed spadework together. These investments have paid off in retrospect. Especially the courage to act differently, to practice innovation and to invest reasonably has brought many of our customers into leading positions in their market segments. And that is what we all are proud of!"

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