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eurolaser celebrates its award in Germany-wide study

The exclusive study by Capital is currently the most comprehensive and qualitatively best survey regarding the state of education in Germany. In addition to well-known companies such as Airbus, Velux or Drägerwerk, the result of eurolaser GmbH from Lüneburg can also be shown up. The leading manufacturer of CO2 laser machines for cutting and engraving of non-metals achieved a total score of 4 stars in five examined criteria and thus, it belongs to the best instructors for the dual study in the educatioal sector.

Matthias Kluczinski (CEO) and the entire eurolaser team are very proud oft he result as the support in the company, the innovative learning methods and the chances of success were evaluated as particularly high. eurolaser knows that anyone who cares intensively about education and training not only increases its competitiveness, but also wins personalities for itself. Promotingof young staff is becoming important, especially in times of increasing lack of skilled workers. Therefore, the renowned business magazine Capital and recruitment marketing experts from Ausbildungs.de and TERRITORY Embrace have therefore carried out the nationwide study on training and dual studies for the umpteenth time.

Until recently, Laura Capone was still a dual student at eurolaser, she says about the study: "My experiences during the dual study programme are reflected in the study results. [...] I would particularly like to highlight the high transfer rate of apprentices and dual students. This clearly shows that eurolaser is taking young talent seriously. "In the meantime, Ms Capone has successfully completed her studies, works in the existing customer management of eurolaser GmbH and is already preparing for a leading position within the company. A complete success, as both sides agree.

In addition to dual studies, eurolaser also offers a variety of training jobs. All currently vacancies for trainings can be found here.

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