Laser systems for the production of toys

eurolaser constructs high-performance laser systems for cutting and engraving

The ultra-high precision and contactless cutting makes CO2 laser systems an optimum alternative to conventional processing methods. Many materials such as acrylic, plastic foils, textiles or wooden materials can be cut. Compared to machining with sawing or milling machines, workpieces do not need to be clamped. This means that even filigree details can be cut, and breakages and waste are kept to a minimum. The material is vaporised, meaning that there are no chippings, which in turn minimises the amount of cleaning.

What are the advantages of laser cutting in the field of toys?

  • Varied material selection
  • No clamping or fixing of the material necessary
  • Less breakage and waste because laser cutting is a contactless process
  • Burr-free edges – no reworking
  • No chippings – so no cleaning of area around the machine necessary
  • No tool wear – consistently high cutting quality

What additional benefits do eurolaser CO₂ laser cutters offer for the toy industry?

  • High degree of flexibility by means of combined cutting with milling tools and CO2 lasers on a single cutter
  • Unique choice of different table sizes – suitable for all standard sizes (panels, sheets and rolls)
  • Efficient automation functions for optimum utilisation of the laser system
  • Special tables for optimal cutting
  • Camera detection for laser cutting of printed materials
  • Large-scale engravings (also reliefs) over the entire machining area
  • Direct labelling of single parts possible with labels or printing
  • Modular design allows expansion through retrofitting

Which toys are produced with CO₂ laser systems?

Turn you ideas into a reality with the laser systems from eurolaser, and don’t just make small people happy, but also the grown-ups. Toys not only teach children different skills and abilities, but also form the basis of social interaction. Due to the quick and flexible processing, you can adapt the eurolaser systems easily and flexibly to your requirements, and thus meet customer wishes individually. For example, model planes, wooden jumping jacks, jigsaws, cuddly toys and many more can be formed with the laser.

We will be pleased to advise you on the subject of laser cutting and engraving, about our laser systems and special options for the toy industry.


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