Laser cutting in the soft signage industry

eurolaser offers CO₂ laser cutters configured especially for printed large-area textiles

Soft signage is a common term from the advertising industry and usually  refers to digitally printed polyester or polyester blended fabrics. The challenge with cutting this special textile lies in the large format and high precision. Thanks to the laser processing, the edges are sealed directly during the cut and do not have to be processed additionally. Open software and interfaces also allow integration of eurolaser systems into existing production workflows. Overall, a high degree of automation can be achieved. Thanks to our software solution, contours that go beyond the processing area can also be cut - and all that completely edgeless.

What are the benefits of laser cutting in the area of soft signage?

  • Seamless cutting of large formats that extend beyond the processing area
  • Precise and true to contour cutting of printed materials through camera detection and fiducial marks
  • Perfect cut edges with no fraying - Sealing saves additional work steps
  • Simple machine operation and software control
  • Distortion-free cutting in every direction
  • Optimized for series production and 24/7 operation
  • Less cleaning effort due to reduced dust generation when cutting
  • Integration into existing production workflows possible

    What additional benefits do eurolaser CO₂ laser cutters have for cutting printed textiles?

    • Acquisition and transmission of data from other system providers is no problem thanks to flexible software packages
    • Conveyor system for fully-automatic laser processing directly from the roll
    • Winding unit for winding up the already processed textiles
    • Unique choice of different tables sizes – suitable for many roll formats
    • Automatic edge control

    Where are laser-cut soft signage products used?

    In view of the many advantages that soft signage brings with it due to efficient digital printing and the lightweight polyester fabric, display manufacturers have discovered many different applications for themselves. The products are used both indoors and outdoors. Typical examples are beach flags, flags, banners and pennants. In addition, the advertising industry is a large customer, including advertising banners for construction fences or building advertising. If soft signage is combined with a tenter frame system, it can be used to produce signs and graphics for retail, reception areas, events and trade fairs or shop window displays. Installed in illuminated carriers, display solutions can be used for day / night operation.

    Overall, soft signage is very versatile and has a dominant status in the display industry. In the future, solutions will also increasingly be offered in small series via web-on-demand.

    eurolaser customers from soft signage processing:

    Fahnen-Gärtner GmbH

    The market leader for flags and banners in Austria was the first customer for the 3XL-series. Years of experience in processing large format textiles makes Fahnen-Gärtner a Soft Signage expert.

    Application examples of the eurolaser CO2 laser systems:


    Lasers are ideal for cutting large-format printed banners. This application from the advertising industry is typical for soft signage.



    Flags are traditionalle made of polyester and are therefore a soft signage product. With the laser you can cut individual flage in any desired format.

    We have tested the following materials for their laser cutting ability:

    Polyester fabrics from Georg + Otto Friedrich

    Digital printing on polyester fabrics - our laser cutting tests on materials by G+O Friedrich showed the usefulness of eurolaser systems in the advertising industry.

    We would be glad to advise you on the topic of the laser cutting of large format textiles on our laser systems and special options for soft signage.


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