Laser cutting of flexible silos and big bags

Laser cutter for cutting textiles for bulk storage

Agriculture, construction, industry or transport: large-format textile silos and big bags are no longer a niche application. While many users process the textiles manually during production, which takes a lot of time, more and more manufacturers are discovering the advantages of laser processing. Thanks to high cutting speed, directly welded cut edges and the precise processing of roll goods, a eurolaser system significantly accelerates the process.

What are the advantages of laser cutting flexible silos and big bags?

  • High process speed and repeatability
  • No fraying of the cut edges due to direct welding
  • Consistently high cut quality without tool wear
  • No material distortion due to non-contact cutting process
  • Individual and smallest contours can be realized
  • Series production and 24/7 operation without loss of quality

What are the additional benefits of eurolaser CO2 laser cutters for flexible silos and big bags?

  • Simple, intuitive machine operation thanks to clear software design
  • Optimized material feed thanks to Smart Feed option - batchless cutting even for large contours
  • Sewing line marking through various marking modules

Why are laser systems used in the production of silos and big bags?

Special textiles are required for the storage and transport of bulk materials in industry and agriculture. These must withstand high weight and constantly changing weather conditions. Polyester and composite fabrics with individual impregnation or coating are used, among others. Laser technology therefore comes into play during processing! When cutting with lasers, work can be done much more efficiently and the potential for errors is minimized. At the same time, straight cuts are produced with stable edges directly sealed by the welding effect during cutting. Non-contact processing prevents any material distortion. Thanks to the consistently high processing quality and speed, the laser-cut end products are perfectly suited for demanding industrial applications.

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