Customised engraving in leather

Personalised organisers

Leather is a versatile, natural material which has been processed and used by human hands since ancient times. Leather is usually relatively firm and durable, has unmistakably sleek haptics and is easy to process manually or mechanically. Many accessories and personal items from everyday life are still made from leather, such as organisers, cases, bags, belts, gloves and wallets.


Owners like to personalise their personal items to make them unique and unmistakeable or to present someone with something special and personal. Product individualisation is an expression that was only brought to life recently because of laser technology. Laser engraving is perfectly suitable for putting markings on leather surfaces - be it a company logo, pictures, patterns or lettering.

Advantages of laser engraving on leather:

  • Extremely fine details and picture engraving possible
  • More durable than printing
  • Finished products can also be engraved because the laser is contactless
  • Extremely sophisticated look
  • Visual effect that looks like embossing
  • Suitable for artificial leather or imitation leather


The smoother the leather, the more precise and filigree the laser engraving. The relief effects that can be achieved using different laser power via grey scales can be used in a purposeful way for design. Almost any accessory can be enhanced in accordance with your personal requirements in this way.

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