Technical adhesive foils in the automotive industry

Significant advantages thanks to laser cutting

Cutting of the films with a knife is a highly complex process. With the double adhesive layer, small parts often stick to the knife and this results in worse cutting qualities and a lot of waste. The laser cut of the eurolaser systems provides many advantages. For example, the laser cuts all adhesive layers contact-free without chipping or splintering. Machining with a laser thus represents an economic separation method that can be used very flexibly and universally.

Benefits of laser processing:

  • No knife cleaning necessary, no sticking of single parts after cutting
  • Consistently perfect cutting results
  • Maximum repeat accuracy
  • No material distortion thanks to contact-free cutting
  • Smooth cut edges
  • Narrow radiuses and extremely fine filigree details possible

Properties of technical adhesive films and tapes for the automotive industry

There are a large number of tech. Adhesive films and tapes that are used universally in many areas and have to meet various requirements depending on the area of ​​application. This can be the ease of processing, the effectiveness of the bond, the compensation of unevenness in the material or resistance to weathering.

The present material consists of an approximately 1 mm thick foam layer, which has been provided with a strongly adhesive acrylate adhesive on each side. The adhesive film is very tolerant of temperature fluctuations and moisture and is used, for example, in the automotive industry because of this weather resistance.

Application in the automotive industry

Manufacturers such as tesa, 3M and ORAFOL offer innovative adhesive solutions that are used in the automotive industry after processing. The reliable high-performance adhesive tapes are specifically tailored to the requirements and challenges of this industry. An important factor for the increasing use of industrial adhesive tapes is the advancing development towards e-mobility.

The connection systems made of adhesive film consistently defy all external influences and last for the entire service life of the vehicles. Typical areas of application are the attachment of components inside or outside the vehicle or the gluing of cables and lines. The lightweight construction is supported by the significant weight savings compared to other fastening options. At the same time, it creates a flawless look.

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