Laser cutting of spacer fabrics

Cut spacer fabrics without contact

The specialty of spacer fabrics is their material thickness, the third dimension of this textile. Spacer connecting threads create the distance between two textile surfaces. The distance can be up to 50 mm depending on the intended use. The knitted connecting threads create special challenges when cutting this textile. For further processing in vehicle or medical technology, for functional clothing or home textile, absolute accuracy and straight, lint-free cuts are essential. The solution: Cut spacer fabrics without touching them with a CO2 laser!

Advantages of laser cutting:

  • No crushing of the material due to contactless cutting
  • No distortion
  • Lint-free cutting edges
  • Stress-free material processing
  • Highest precision
  • Direct cutting of roll material thanks to the eurolaser Conveyor
  • Material thickness up to 50 mm possible

Cutting spacer fabrics made of polyester


The basic material for the spacing monofilament thread, the pile thread, is often polyester, which is ideally suited for cutting with CO2 laser cutters. The special properties of spacer fabrics make it the ideal material for seats and upholstery. It dissipates moisture very well, has a high level of air permeability, ensures ideal thermoregulation and good pressure relief. It is therefore increasingly used as upholstery, for example in vehicle construction, but also in aerospace, medical technology and the furniture industry.

The laser is establishing itself as the processing tool of choice because it works without contact. In tactile processes such as knife cutting the fabric is distorted by pressure on the material. The only possibility for a precise, efficient average is therefore the non-contact and therefore pressure and tension-free cutting using a CO2 laser.

Application areas for spacer fabrics:

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