Laser cutting of protective vests made of aramide

Protective vest of aramid

Bullet-resistant vests are also known as bullet-proof vests in everyday language. Their task: Distribution of the kinetic energy on the impact of bullets, to prevent the bullets from penetrating and protect the person wearing the vest. Their material: Aramid fabric (Kevlar®).Synthetic fibres or composite materials made of aramid are characterised by their special properties. They are high strength, are extremely impact resistant and particularly heat resistant. Mechanical cutting of this material is difficult or requires extensive effort. Despite these properties, aramid can be cut quickly and precisely with laser. 

Benefits of the laser machining of aramid:

  • No tool wear
  • Contactless and therefore distortion-free
  • Machining in all directions – regardless of the textile structure
  • Precisely cut edges – no fraying

Because of the above mentioned characteristics, aramid fibres or composite materials made of aramid are mainly used in demanding safety applications. Examples of these include:

  • Bullet-resistant vests
  • Cut protection clothing
  • Safety helmets
  • Vehicle armouring
  • Safety shrouds (e.g. in jet engines)


Protective vests are often made of different materials and partially also of several layers. The protection class depends on the composition, determining the protection capacity. Bullet-resistant vests are used in civil as well as military application areas (e.g. police force). For the automated cutting of aramid fabric, we recommend our laser systems with conveyor system.

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