Photoengraving on granite

A unique design guaranteed!

Laser engraving already allows high-quality, classy and polished granite plates to be individually customised. The laser can depict very detailed images, and by imitating grey tones, realistic progressions and transitions can be created. In this way, you can produce impressive effects using images or writing, which are not possible with conventional processing methods.

Why use lasers to engrave?

  • The granite must not be in a clamped position, thus avoiding damage
  • The laser engraves extremely delicately

For further information please click the links below:

For further information please click the links below:

In contrast to mechanical processing methods, the laser is able to engrave especially fine and delicate details. The laser creates a rough surface on the granite during material removal, which can result in a high contrast value especially for dark materials due to their lighter, matt colouring.

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