Striking colour and light that catches the eye

Brightly coloured acrylic glass in the advertising industry

Visual communication is a must when it comes to transmitting information purposefully and catching the eye. Sales displays, illuminated ads and signs are a medium that helps to attract attention and boost the marketing of products. Very often these advertising media are made of acrylic glass, a material that is very light and weather-proof, properties that mean it is frequently used in advertising. Acrylic (PMMA, Plexiglas ®, Perspex ®) is available in virtually all colours and is ideally suited for CO2 laser processing with which it can be cut to every conceivable shape. So designers have ample design options open to them.

  • Brilliant, smooth cut edges
  • Any contour of your choice
  • Individual parts cut accurately right down to the smallest detail
  • Extremely high engraving resolution (1200 dpi)
  • No clamping of the sheets necessary

We have used a peacock sample cut with laser to illustrate as vividly as possible the abundance of colours offered by acrylic glass. It consists in total of 12 individual parts that are put together quite simply by interlocking them with each other. The head and body of the peacock are made of 10 mm frosted acrylic. The LEDs integrated in the bottom of this part give it that extra flair.

The stand with its slots were made from 20 mm acrylic and engraved with the eurolaser logo. All 10 feathers were lasered out of coloured, 5-6 mm sheets and arranged in a semi-circle. This really highlights the brilliant light effect of the smooth cut edges. The eurolaser peacock is certainly the eye-catcher of the week.

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