Parachute silk

Cut with laser precision

Light, virtually airtight and colourful – typical properties of parachute silk. Nowadays these synthetic tissues which are made of polyamide fibres as well as Aramide and Dyneema tissues are coming into their own, along with other functional textiles, and being used for special applications. In the meantime they have become indispensable in many branches where they are used for such things as tent and kite manufacture, tracking accessories, paragliding, parachutes and much, much more. For over 10 years now eurolaser has been focussing its attention on cutting just such synthetic textiles with laser, with the result that the "hot cut" can now be found more and more often in such industrial manufacturing.

The major benefits of eurolaser technology:

  • Extremely fast cutting speed
  • No fraying, because there is only a minimum fused seam
  • There is no wear on the cutting tool, the quality of the cut remains consistent
  • Precision is many times greater due to the contactless cutting process
  • Partial automation means significantly higher productivity
  • No interruptions in the manufacturing process (due to possible entanglements with the tool)
  • Processing of endless lengths thanks to automatic feed
  • Contactless application of sewing markings using the Ink Marker
  • Perforations possible
  • Fusing of two or more layers possible and much, much more

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For further information please the links below:


The benefits of laser processing become particularly apparent when you look at what the industry requires. eurolaser has focussed on meeting  just such requirements. Because it is our aim to secure for you quality, productivity and the technical lead. Only eurolaser offers you such a number of usefully well-aligned products in this form and in this scope.

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