Engraving glass without templates

Laser technology saves time-consuming work steps

Whether used for drinking glasses, designer accessories or in building construction - glass is extremely versatile and adding an attractive decoration gives it just that certain something extra.  Several different processes can be used for engraving glass. In the past sandblasting was often used. But the CO2 laser is now well on its way to overtaking this method!

Direct laser engraving on glass:

  • No templates needed
  • Extremely fine details and images possible
  • No soiling or dust
  • High speed
  • Contactless processing, so no stressing of the glass

The biggest advantage of laser engraving is that it is direct and contactless. This saves cost and time-consuming work steps such as producing templates, affixing foil, removing foil remnants, cleaning up around the machine etc. What is more the use of laser enables the engraving of filigree details as well as extremely sharp images and contours. 

This is exactly the point where sandblasting reaches the limits of its capability. Fascinating colour effects can be achieved using laser technology depending on the composition of the material (or rather the addition of metal to the glass).

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