Technical PPS Fabrics from PVF Mesh & Screen Technology

Laser cutting of high-performance fabrics made of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)

PPS is part of the new generation of high-tech fabrics from PVF Mesh & Screen Technology GmbH. With its unique properties, there are numerous areas of application in industry, especially where there are requirements for high resistance to heat and chemicals. PPS fabrics are used in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, among others. We have taken a closer look at this high-performance fabric.

Properties of high performance polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fabric:

  • High temperature resistance (195° C in continuous operation)
  • Excellent hydrolytic and electrolytic resistance
  • Resistant to alkali, acids and solvents
  • High medical and chemical resistance
  • Very good fire protection properties
  • High tear strength

The goal of the laser test:

Establish laser as alternative to knife cutter

Up to now, the roll material PPS has been cut with a knife and thus was prefabricated for the processor. In consultation with the manufacturer, we tested the material for processing with our laser systems, paying attention to the following requirements:

  • Determine laser cutting capability of the PPS material
  • Clean cut with high edge quality without traces of smoke
  • Distortion-free cut even with filigree contours
  • Automated processing directly from the roll

The used test setup:

Table concept:  Conveyor automation
Automatic processing of the textile directly from the roll

Recommended laser power: 100 watts
Best possible result at optimum cutting speed

Test result:

PPS fabric very well to excellently suited for laser processing

In our cutting test, we tested three variants of the PPS fabric from PVF Mesh & Screen Technology for their laser cutting capability: We awarded the material PPS 0113 the rating “excellently suited”. For the somewhat thicker materials PPS 776/597 and PPS 0358, we were able to determine and certify very good laser cutting capability due to slight discolorations.

Thanks to non-contact processing, the cut is free of distortion. The cut edges do not show any smoke residue and thanks to our vacuum table, there is no need to fixate the material on the work table before starting to cut. The sealed cut edges show a slight discoloration with increasing material thickness, which cannot be completely avoided. Compared to other cutting processes, there is no need for post-processing, so processing time can be significantly reduced. With laser cutting, there are no overcuts when changing directions, and the small laser diameter permits the finest inner contours. For processing, we recommend feeding the roll material via an Unwinding Unit and Conveyor. All of PVF’s requirements were met, which is why we can unreservedly recommend the laser as a processing tool.


PVF PPS 0113

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

PVF PPS 0358

Suitability for laser cutting: very well suitable

PVF PPS 766/597

Suitability for laser cutting: very well suitable

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