Laser cutting of ski skins

Automated cutting without tool wear

A ski skin is a climbing aid that is attached to touring skis and makes it easier for the user to climb in slippery snow. The ski skin or also climbing skin gives the skis more grip. It prevents the skis from slipping backwards, but is designed in such a way that forward gliding is still possible.

Synthetic ski skins are often made of polyamide. The material for ski skins is very robust and is therefore a challenge for many cutting systems. With the eurolaser systems, this material can be easily cut directly from the roll and very precisely. Due to the thermal laser process, the cut edges are lint-free and sealed. Since the laser cuts without contact, there is no tool wear. Downtimes of the cutting system due to the change of blunt cutting tools are eliminated, which increases productivity.

Advantages of the laser when cutting ski skins:

  • No fraying of the cut edge
  • Sealing of the cut edge on synthetic material
  • No fabric distortion due to contactless processing
  • Highest precision, no overcuts
  • Narrow radii and pointed cuts possible
  • Cutting independent of fibre orientation
  • No tool wear - consistently high cutting quality
  • No tool changes necessary
  • Processing directly from the roll
  • Even printed material can be cut precisely
  • Engraving and marking in one step

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