Decorative ideas made of self-adhesive textile

Exactly printed, cut and always perfectly positioned

Promotional media made of textiles have many benefits. They are light, can be printed in brilliant colours and backlit, are flexible in use and suitable even for large formats. That is exactly why they can be used in so many different ways, as hanging signs, rollups or display systems for the visual communication of ideas, for example.

Haftfabric: The new self-adhesive textile for the POS

Haftfabric was developed with the aim of creating a printable material with special adhesive properties that would allow a fast and simple change of motives while at the same time achieving professional presentation results. A task that the specialists at Regler Druckzentrum put their minds to, with screen printers and chemists working hand-in-hand to develop Haftfabric. The material is so easy to handle that even unskilled staff can achieve perfect results with no problem at all.

Benefits of the self-adhesive textile ‘Haftfabric’:

  • Motives are easy to change without requiring any special mounting techniques
  • Can be handled without problem and without the need of skilled staff
  • Sticks to almost any surface
  • No blisters, no residues
  • Does not crease or fade
  • Free of toxins
  • High quality printing

Haftfabric sticks on walls, floors and carpets, furniture, windows, doors and even on clothes and skin. The unique blend of adhesive enables the material to be both removed without leaving any residues and to be re-mounted time and time again. So, the prints can be re-positioned quickly and simply. The adhesive contains no toxins. The non-fade properties and high colour brilliance of the textiles guarantee highly expressive decorations.

However, achieving exact alignment for the decoration of individual areas (windows, counters, sales areas, trade fairs) also requires exact cutting of the textile prints. Perfect filigree details, logos, lettering and pictures can be cut with eurolaser systems. Edges are exact and do not fray. There are no smoke residues or burns on the cut edge and the adhesive coating leaves no smears.

Benefits of CO₂ laser compared to other processing techniques:

  • More economical, especially where small batches are concerned
  • Extremely filigree details can be achieved
  • No material distortion thanks to contact-free cutting
  • Smooth cut edges with no fraying
  • Exact cutting of printed materials thanks to POSITIONplus

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