Fine and coarse dust filters from Raasch Luftfilter in laser test

Laser cutting of filter mats for air purification

The company Raasch Luftfilter specializes in the production of filter materials for particle filtration from the air. The own brand “Raasch-Filter” is in demand in the field of filter technology as a consumable material for supply and exhaust air filters, filter mats and much more. We took a closer look at two special textiles for particle separation.

Properties of Raasch filter materials:

  • High durability
  • Good dust holding capacity
  • Low pressure drop
  • Cost-effective alternative for rooms with large air volume
  • Above average compliance with cleanliness requirements
  • Suitable for pre- and coarse dust filtration in air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Application in public buildings, offices, factories and plants

The goal of the laser test:

Achieving an exact cut edge without distortion or discoloration marks.

We tested two of the filter materials from Raasch Luftfilter for processing with out laser cutters. In consultation with the company Raasch, we paid attention to the following requirements.

Requirements for processing Raasch filter material:

  • Smoke- and discoloration-free, directly sealed cut edges for easy further processing
  • Distortion-free cutting of textiles in any direction, especially for round contours
  • Avoidance of tool wear and excessive dirt accumulation
  • High repeatability for serial production
  • No overcuts with angular contours

The test setup: L-1200 Conveyor System with 400 watts

Table concept:  Conveyor automation
Automated processing of specialty textiles directly from the roll.

Laser source: 400 watts
High laser power allows optimal processing speed.

Test result:

Raasch filter materials excellently suited for laser processing

The tested materials from Raasch Luftfilter can be cut excellently with our eurolaser machines. Thanks to non-contact processing, the cut is absolutely free of distortion. There are no traces of smoke or discoloration, and reworking is also not necessary, which has reduced the processing time compared to other tools. Feeding via Feeding Unit and Conveyor allows automated processing of the roll material for an efficient and economical production process. All the requirements set could be met, which is why we unreservedly recommend the laser as a processing tool.

Raasch R3-300 (M5)

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Raasch RSB 300 (G4)

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

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