Self-reinforced thermoplastic prepregs in laser test

Laser cutting of Propex CURV®

Propex Furnishing Solutions (PFS) has become known in particular for its flagship product CURV®. The 100 percent thermoplastic semi-finished material is produced in a multi-stage process from pellets to finished composite sheet. It is then used as a semi-finished panel, molded part or top layer in sandwich structures. The fabric structure of the semi-finished product enables high energy absorption and stability, while at the same time being lightweight. This unique combination of properties makes CURV® popular with manufacturers of personal protective clothing, luggage, sports and leisure articles or suppliers in the automotive industry.

Properties of CURV®:

  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant and insensitive to external influences
  • Cold resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Thermally deformable
  • Available in numerous colors and variants

CURV® is the first self-reinforced thermoplastic from Propex Furnishing Solutions GmbH and is characterized by excellent impact resistance.

The goal of the laser test:

Tight radii and filigree contours without overcuts

We tested the CURV® material from Propex Furnishing Solutions for processing with our laser cutting systems. With conventional mechanical processing, which was used previously, the cut edges have to be deburred in additional work steps.

In consultation with PFS, we paid attention to the following requirements during the cutting test:

  • High-quality cut edges that are free of smudge and burrs and are directly sealed
  • Easy removal after the cutting process
  • Possibility for small contours and filigree cuts without loss of cutting speed
  • High repeatability with minimal tool wear

The used test setup

System size: XL-1600 - Static system
The static system is perfectly suited for the plate material

Table concept: Honeycomb
Fixing is not necessary thanks to optimized vacuum formation and suction

Laser source: 450 watts
Ideal power for best possible cutting results

Test result:

Thermoplastic CURV® is outstandingly suitable for laser processing

We have extensively tested the CURV® material from PFS in two thicknesses and can award the rating “outstandingly suitable” for both variants. On the Honeycomb table concept, no clamping is necessary thanks to optimized vacuum formation. Compared to the knife, the laser also reaches tight radii, cuts out filigree contours without any problems and leaves burr-free, precise cut edges. Furthermore, material breakage and waste are reduced to a minimum. The entire process is dust-free and there are no traces of powder on the material. Surfaces are not damaged, and efficiency and productivity are increased thanks to software and automation options such as the Shuttle Table System and OPTIMUM (nesting).


CURV® 0.66 mm

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

CURV® 2.02 mm

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

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