Bluefiber smart acoustic polyester in the laser test

Laser cutting of acoustic wool, panels and pads

bluefiber is 100% pure and therefore sustainable: made largely from recycled PET bottles, the high-tech materials can also be recycled themselves. They are odourless and, unlike some other fibre materials, harmless to health. They have been developed for long-term use as sound insulation and can be reprocessed and reused at any time. Pure sustainability with polyester.

Areas of application for bluefiber wool, bluefiber panel and bluefiber pad

The tested materials are suitable for all applications where durability and efficient sound absorption are important. These are, for example, sound insulation elements in open-plan offices, classrooms or public buildings or for technical applications such as plant insulation or for industrial noise reduction in factory halls.

Due to the open-pored structure, sound is demonstrably insulated efficiently everywhere. It can be installed on ceilings, walls or as a room element and, depending on the application, is visually very appealing.

Aim of the laser test:

eurolaser has taken a closer look at different variants of the three bluefiber products. The material was tested in the in-house application laboratory with regard to its properties during laser processing. In consultation, the following requirements were taken into account in the test:

  • Cutting of different material compositions and thicknesses
  • Lint- and residue-free cut edges
  • No foam marks when cutting
  • Behaviour with round and angular inner contours
  • Optimised material utilisation through nesting

Test setup:

Laser system used for the test: M-1600

Table concept: Honeycomb
The honeycomb-like structure of a thin aluminium foil is highly stable and enables particularly good vacuum formation under the material. The channelled removal of cutting emissions keeps material undersides
virtually clean. It is thus ideally suited for cutting fibre fabrics.

Recommended laser power: 450 Watts
The laser power depends on both the material and the processing
speed and is an average guide value here.

Test result:

We were able to achieve perfect cutting results in all tests and therefore award the following rating for the cutting capability very well up to excellently suitable.

Our laser system was able to meet the requirements without any problems. The cut edges are lint- and fringe-free and without foam residues on the material, even with filigree round or angular contours. Depending on the system size, large-format cuts are also possible. With the OPTIMUM software module, the contours are arranged on the material in a space-saving manner and thus produced cost-efficiently. The laser scores particularly well with its contact-free cutting. This means that the cutting quality remains continuously high, as the tool does not become blunt. Tool changes and downtimes are eliminated.

Especially in public buildings and in the leisure sector, the demand for quietness is increasing. Small and individual runs are often required. The eurolaser systems are ideal for the fast and economical production of these products and batch sizes.


bluefiber wool

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

bluefiber panel

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

bluefiber pad

Suitability for laser cutting: very well suitable

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