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Laser cutting of non-PVC film

3M™ Envision™ undergoing laser testing

PVC films are well-established on the market and are suitable for many different applications. However, PVC films have their limitations when it comes to laser cutting. Due to the high temperatures that occur on the cut edge the PVC can decompose into harmful substances, in particular hydrogen chloride.

For this reason many plastics processing companies are looking for alternatives that are more suitable for laser cutting while at the same time proving equally easy to handle and that meet the demands of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

3M has developed two product lines under the brand name Envision that meet these requirements perfectly.

EnvisionTM Print Film 48C
Envision Print Wrap Film SV480Cv3

Envision(TM) Print Film 48C
Envision(TM) Print Film 48C
Envision Print Wrap Film LX480Cv3
Envision Print Wrap Film LX480Cv3

eurolaser tested and approved the films for compatibility with laser cutting. In other words both EnvisionTM print films can be cut with laser without problem.

On request we will send you a detailed report of this laser cutting test for 3MTM EnvisionTM print films.

EnvisionTM Print Film 48C

With its new EnvisionTM Print Film 48C 3M has for the very first time launched a non-PVC film for medium-term applications on the market. The film has a durability of up to 5 years (unprocessed), is simple to handle, very versatile and easy to remove. The film is suitable for flat or slightly curved surfaces. Typical applications include e.g. partial vehicle wraps, graphics on walls, glass and door surfaces, windows plus interior and exterior partition walls as well as signs.

The 3M Envision Print Films 48C are more robust than PVC films and remain more form stable when subjected to extreme temperatures. Unlike PVC, which has a tendency to get brittle, the new 3M films also have a higher tensile strength that even resists tearing – for fast and clean removal. Numerous ICC profiles for different printers are available with the introduction of the films.  we will send you a detailed report of this laser cutting test for 3MTM EnvisionTM print films.

laser cutting of foils and films

What are the benefits of cutting Envision print films with laser?

  • Clean and perfect cuts - no reworking of the foils necessary
  • No material fixation necessary – thanks to the vacuum table
  • No cleaning of the knives necessary - no parts stick after cutting
  • No tool wear so therefore consistently high cutting quality
  • High degree of flexibility in the choice of contours – without any need for tool construction or changeover

Envision Print Wrap Film SV480Cv3

The Envision Print Wrap Film SV480Cv3 is the premium product in the print film portfolio of 3M. The printable wrap film has a durability of up to 12 years (unprocessed) making it ideal for long-term applications. Highlights of the film include its high level of flexibility – it can be applied to deep corrugations where it then stays put. It is dimensionally stable even when exposed to extreme exterior temperatures and can be removed quickly.

A solution for virtually all applications: cars of all types, boats, structured surfaces and walls.

In order to guarantee optimum printability using different printers, there is a second version for latex systems: Envision Print Wrap Film LX480Cv3. Both versions, SV480Cv3 as well as LX480Cv3, can be used with UV printers.

We would be glad to advise you on the topic of laser cutting of foils and films, on our laser systems and special options for foil/film processing.

eurolaser tested the suitability for laser cutting of the following
3M materials:

Certificate as PDF

3M™ Envision™ Print Film 48C 3M™ Envision™ Print Film 48C

Suitability for laser cutting: excellent suitable

Certificate as PDF

3M™Envision™ Print Wrap Film SV480Cv3 3M™Envision™ Print Wrap Film SV480Cv3

Suitability for laser cutting: excellent suitable

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