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Laser cut musical instruments

The laser cutting system is being used more and more frequently for low priced products and also at the top end of the market. It doesn't matter whether the mass production of guitar soundboards is involved or custom made inlaid work to decorate the fretboard, the laser tool outperforms traditional processing methods in many respects.

In this application natural mother-of-pearl was cut with the laser system M-1200 for intricate customising work and fitted into the wood which was also prepared with the laser.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Greater repeat accuracy
  • No clamping of the wood necessary as this is a contactless process
  • No damage to or contamination of components
  • Delicate details are viable

For further information please click the links below:

For further information please click the links below:

As well as cutting wood, engraving is also possible on the same laser system. Manufacturer and serial number are incorporated into the body decoratively for example. This renders machines which are only designed for engraving superfluous. Unlike with the CNC milling machine, the materials to be cut do not need to be either fixed or cleaned.

The contactless laser beam also makes the precise cutting of small parts possible. The repeat accuracy and speed of the laser cut are a decisive advantage in mass production so the laser  has already become prevalent in this sector. eurolaser provides tailored laser technology for this very sector.

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