MasterJet E200 Trend in laser test

Laser cutting of more environmentally friendly PVC-free foil

With MasterJet, the IGEPA group has created a more ecological alternative to conventional PVC film. Uncoated and completely PVC-free, this film can be printed with almost all common printing systems. This means that MasterJet E200 Trend is not only ideally suited for processing with the laser cutting systems, but also has a wide range of applications. The film solutions can be used without hesitation, especially for indoor use as well as short and medium-term outdoor use.

For IGEPA, MasterJet E200 Trend is a real pioneering solution and represents a more environmentally friendly alternative. Due to increased demand on the market for alternative products, the company has particularly advanced this step in a greener direction and is now,

      for the first time, presenting a result of this new development with MasterJet E200 Trend.
      eurolaser has taken a closer look at MasterJet E200 Trend. The material was tested for laser processing in our application laboratory.

      What are the benefits of cutting MasterJet E200 Trend with CO2-lasers?

      • Even the smallest contours can be implemented without problems
      • Flush line-up of different advertising parts without time-consuming processing
      • Efficient processing of long-format advertising banners
      • Combination with laminates does not cause loss of quality
          • Contactless cut
          • Sealed cut edge when using laminates
          • Hardly any tool wear
          • Custom-fit cuts possible
          • Exact cutting of printed foils with POSITIONplus

          Properties of MasterJet E200 Trend:

          • Adheres to most surfaces (e.g. plastic, wood, glass, metal, etc.)
          • Glossy and matt variants available (in the laminated version with MasterGuard)
          • CO2 neutral
              • Completely PVC-free
              • Printable with latex and UV inks
              • Can be printed with most EcoSolvent printing systems (print test recommended in advance)

              MasterJet E200 Trend scope of application

              The most important field of application for the MasterJet E200 Trend films from the IGEPA group is the advertising industry. Different film solutions that are suitable for different purposes are regularly used here. Thanks to the brilliant and color-intensive print result with MasterJet E200 Trend, advertising measures for indoor uses as well as short to medium-term outdoor use can be implemented here. The perfect and particularly long-lasting print image is ideal for use as an advertising medium, poster, or placard. Due to the ecological basic idea with the categorical waiver of PVC in foil production. MasterJet E200 Trend is particularly suitable for use in projects with an environmentally conscious, sustainable background.

              eurolaser has tested the following variants of MasterJet E200 Trend und MasterGuard Trend Laminate for their laser cutting ability:

              MasterGuard Trend Laminate (glossy laminate)

              Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

              MasterGuard Trend Laminate (matt laminate)

              Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

              MasterJet E 200 Trend

              Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

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