Jessup Safety Load® and Safety Track® in the laser test

Laser cutting of grip tape

The products consist of large slip-resistant aluminium oxides in a tough, durable polymer. They are firmly bonded to a flexible, usually PVC-free film. The reverse side has a pressure-sensitive rubber-based adhesive, which in turn is protected by a removable liner. The products provide a long-lasting extremely non-slip surface.

Areas of application for Jessup Safety Load® and Safety Track®

The tested materials are suitable for all applications where slip resistance, grip and durability are important. These are, for example, smooth, wet or smeared surfaces in industrial, agricultural, forestry, construction or road construction with intensive passenger traffic or heavy load traffic (aisles, manufacturing and storage rooms,

ramps, stairs, ladders, treads on machines, etc.). The grip tape is specially coated to meet the requirements of skateboards and wakeboards and in the leisure sector to prevent skin irritation and still guarantee stability and durability.

Aim of the laser test:

eurolaser has now taken a closer look at different variants of Jessup Safety Load® and Jessup Safety Track® products. The material was tested in the in-house application laboratory with regard to its properties during laser processing. In agreement, the following requirements were taken into account in the test:

  • Cutting small, filigree contours
  • Burr-free cut edges
  • No damage during cutting
  • Cuts in large format
  • Optimised material utilisation through nesting

Laser system used for the test: L-1200

Table concept: Conveyor System
This table support made of a stainless-steel web is ideal for light, thin
and flexible materials. It serves both as a material support for machining
process and at the same time as a transport element.

Recommended laser power: 250 Watt
The laser power depends on both the material and the processing
speed and is an average guide value here.

Test result:

We were able to achieve excellent cutting results in all tests and therefore award the following rating for the cutting capability: Excellently suited.

Our laser system was able to meet the requirements without any problems. The cut edges are burr-free and without damage, even with the finest contours. Depending on the system size, large-format cuts are also possible. With our OPTIMUM software module, the contours are placed on the material in a space-saving manner and thus produced cost-efficiently.

The laser scores particularly well with its contact-free cutting. This means that the cutting quality remains continuously high, as the tool does not become blunt. Tool changes and downtimes are eliminated.

Especially in the leisure sector, the demand for individualised products is increasing, often in small runs. The eurolaser systems are ideally suited for the fast and economical production of these products.


Jessup Safety Load® Grit

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Jessup Safety Load® Resilient

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Jessup Safety Load® Resilient Thick

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Jessup Safety Track®

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

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