Tenowo filter materials in laser test

Laser cutting Zetafelt and Zetajet (nonwovens)

Tenowo GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of nonwovens. Their products are used in a wide variety of industries. Since 1985, new, innovative nonwoven products have been added to the portfolio time and time again. As part of the cooperation with Tenowo, we have now tested the non-woven filter materials for laser processing. Zetajet and Zetafelt are powerful fleece fabrics that are used for both liquid and air filtration.

What are the benefits of cutting Tenowo filter materials with CO2 lasers?

  • Highest flexibility in the choice of contours - even particularly fine, radius-free contours can be implemented by laser cutting
  • Thanks to the completely contactless cut, sensitive surfaces or coatings of the filter materials are not damaged - the filter properties are retained
  • Directly sealed cut edges allow faster processing or, depending on the application, immediate use as filters
  • Low tool wear - Compared to other tools, the laser always remains 'sharp' and the cutting quality is retained
      • Clean processing - No material residue on the processing surface and significantly reduced cleaning effort
      • The Smart-Feed option makes it easier to cut to size - All contours that are smaller than the processing area are advanced so that they can be cut in one step
      • Optional cutting of large-format filter fabrics that go beyond the format of the processing area without declines in quality

      Areas of application for Zetajet and Zetafelt:

      • Coolant and lubricant filtration
      • Milk filtration
      • Motor and air filtration
          • Ad-Blue Filtration
          • Frame reinforcements and trickle protection for air filters
          • Aquarium filtration

          Material properties of Zetajet F6711 / 70T (Spunlace)

          Zetafelt F6711 / 70T is a spunlace. During production, e.g. PA or PES fibers are consolidated using water jet technology. As a result, the fiber matrix is retained and the end product keeps its high mechanical strength, but also softness. Such spunlace nonwovens are used as medical curtains, surgical gowns, surgical drapes, medical dressings, wound dressings, medical gauze, aero wipes, clothing lining, coated base fabrics, disposable materials, instrument cleaning cloths, electronic industry rags, masks, as nonwovens for filtration and other industrial applications.

          Material properties of Zetafelt F3527 / 100T (needle felt)

          Zetafelt F3527 / 100T is a needle felt fabrics. This material also is not woven during production, but rather solidified through the use of needles. The fibers interlock with one another via barbs. The fleece made of polyamide and PES fibers is mechanically consolidated and can thus be used as a filter. This results in a very fine fiber structure and an enlarged pore volume, which contains a filter surface that is many times larger. This special type of connection of the fibers in needle punched nonwoven achieves a high separation efficiency of the dirt particles. Due to the possibility of deep filtration of the smallest particles, this fleece is particularly suitable for use in machines and as an air filter.

          eurolaser has tested the following Tenowo materials for their laser cutting ability. The result: Excellently suitable.

          Zetajet and Zetafelt.

          Zetafelt F 3257/100T

          Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

          Zetajet F 6711/70 T

          Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

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