Laser cutting of DISPA®

Laser cutting of DISPA® sustainable paper sheets

Behind the DISPA® brand from 3A Composites ecological paper sheets for various purposes can be found. There are three variants of DISPA® to choose from: normal, canvas and outdoor. While DISPA® canvas has a canvas look with a stronger geel, DISPA® outdoor, as the name suggests, is particularly suitable for short-term outdoor use. All DISPA® product variants are made of FSC®-certified paper (FSC® C127595) and are 100% recyclable. The light material is particularly suitable for non-contact processing and cutting with the laser beam.

eurolaser has taken a closer look at DISPA® and put the laser cutting ability to the test. In the application center, we checked the material in regards to its properties during laser processing.

What are the benefits of laser cutting DISPA® ?

  • Cut edges without material crushing
  • No tool wear
  • Consistently high cutting quality
  • Laser cutting of fine contours with radius-free inner edges possible
    • Customization of paper products
    • Economic efficiency even from smaller batch sizes
    • Only low laser power required

    The properties of DISPA®

    • Recyclable
    • FSC® certified
    • Low weight compared to other materials
    • Rigidity
    • Malleability
    • Environmentally friendly - 100% paper
    • Optimal flatness
    • Excellent printing results

    Scope of application

    There are various areas of application for the sustainable DISPA® paper boards from 3A Composites. These include, for example, a wide variety of indoor advertising campaigns such as hanging ceiling signs. DISPA® outdoor is specially designed for short-term advertising or signage in outdoor areas. Whether you want to express your corporate identity or implement creative ideas, DISPA® is the ideal choice in shop design, marketing, trade fair construction and for screen and digital printing.

    The processing tests in eurolaser's application laboratory have shown that DISPA® can be excellently cut with CO2 laser systems. The cut edges are slightly discolored due to the thermal cutting process. The high precision of the laser system and the automated process allow efficient processing and precise cutting of the contours of the panels.

    A detailed report on the DISPA® laser test is available from us upon request.

    eurolaser has tested the following DISPA® variants for their laser cutting ability:

    DISPA® 2,4 mm

    Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

    DISPA® 3,8 mm

    Suitability for laser cutting: excellentlysuitable

    DISPA® canvas

    Suitability for laser cutting: excellentlysuitable

    DISPA® outdoor

    Suitability for laser cutting: excellentlysuitable

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