Laser cutting of Deliflame FR

Flame-resistant fabric


Deliflame FR, a Cordura®-based material, gains its flame-resistant effect by the means of a PU coating. This property combined with the high stability and tear resistance results in a fabric excellently suitable for all kinds of protective equipment. It is extremely hard-wearing and therefore, it is ideally adapted for demanding applications.

eurolaser took a closer look at Deliflame FR. The material was tested in its own application centre by considering the properties during laser processing.

Advantages of cutting of Deliflame FR with CO₂ lasers:

  • Consistently high cutting quality because there is no tool wear
  • No distortion due to contactless laser processing
  • No material fixation necessary due to sealed cutting edges
  • Permanent product identification (e.g. serial numbers) possibly via laser marking
  • Laser marking and cutting possible in just one working process
  • Clear and lint-free cutting edges
  • Dust-free laser cutting reduces the cleaning effort of the working area
  • The work process is automated directly from the textile roll
  • No material fixation necessary for laser cutting
  • High precision during laser cutting of extremly fine and almost radius-free contours


Deliflame FR combines the properties of Cordura® with a flame-resistant coating. Therefore, it is a very hard-wearing material that retains its flame-resistant properties even after several times of washing cycles. The fluorocarbon (FC) impregnation functions also in an oil and water repellent manner.

Deliflame FR is designed for demanding applications and thus, it is used in particular for personal protective equipment (PPE) in the police and in the military. Furthermore, the material is used as work clothing for activities with strong flying sparks, for sports and outdoor clothing or in the industrial sector.

Besides, Deliflame FR is also Oeko-Tex certified.


Deliflame FR is flame-resistant according to the following standards:

DIN 4102

DIN EN ISO 15025 (by considering DIN EN ISO 14116 Index 1)

DIN EN ISO 6941 (15 seconds of edge flaming)

DIN EN ISO 6940 (20 seconds of edge flaming)

Based on DIN 53438-3 (Class F1)

A detailed report regarding the laser cutting test of Deliflame FR is available on request.


eurolaser has tested the following variants of Deliflame FR for laser cutting ability:

Deliflame FR 150 (black)
Laser cutting ability: excellently suitable


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