Composite fabric DeliComp® in laser testing

Laser cutting of thermoplastic prepregs

With DeliComp®, a new composite for thermoplastic lightweight construction was developed. It enables the use of almost all yarns and rovings, but often particularly strong yarns such as glass fibre, basalt or aramid. The tissue is soaked in a thermoplastic matrix, a special infusion procedure developed by Delcotex, and thereby, it receives the required mechanical properties. DeliComp® optimises the production processes by facilitating processing and thus, it results in lighter, more stable and cheaper products.

eurolaser took a closer look at this material. The material was tested in its own application centre with regard to the properties during laser processing.

Advantages of cutting DeliComp® with CO₂-lasers:

  • No tool wear and thus, consistently high cutting quality
  • Sealed cutting edges
  • Very high precision and repeatability
  • Clean, lint-free cutting edges
  • Less efforts of cleaning due to dust-free cutting
  • No fabric distortion – due to contactless processing and without force

Application field

DeliComp® is, for instance, used as an insert in plastic injection molded parts or as laminate and is particularly applied in the automotive and construction sectors. 

Typical areas of application include, among others, partial structural reinforcements, reinforcement in buildings, splinter protection in the automotive sector or as full-surface reinforcement of lightweight components with an additional laminated visible surface.

Advantages of using DeliComp®:

  • Low energy consumption in thermoforming
  • Reduction of processing steps
  • Weight and cost reduction
  • Constant ratio of fibre and matrix
  • Flexible and simple shaping
  • Increased tensile and shock resistance
  • Improved breaking behaviour
  • Constant dimensional stability and thickness

A detailed report on the laser cutting test of DeliComp® is available on request.

eurolaser tested the following variants of DeliComp® for laser cutting ability:

DeliComp® 86072

Laser cutting ability: excellently suitable


DeliComp® 86017

Laser cutting ability: excellently suitable


DeliComp® 86050

Laser cutting ability: excellently suitable


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