CRYLON® in laser test

Laser cutting of CRYLON® acrylic glass (PMMA)

3A Composites is one of the biggest manufacturers of plastic sheets made of PMMA. CRYLON® is an important brand of the company. The glass-like acrylic is used, for example, in the advertising industry. CRYLON® convinces with its high resistance as a material and at the same time very high transparency. The extruded acrylic sheets have great optical properties and are very attractive, also in their color rendering. The plastic is available in different transparent, opal and opaque variants as well as selected colors and surface structures. The high quality surfaces are weather and aging resistant. CRYLON® sheets offer solutions for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.


eurolaser has taken a closer look at CRYLON®. The material was tested in our in-house application center with regard to its properties during laser processing.

Benefits of cutting Altuglas PMMA with CO₂ lasers:

  • Brilliant, smooth cut edges especially on the inner contours
  • Laser cutting is also possible without clamping or fixing
  • No acrylic chips - less cleaning effort due to less dirt
  • Radius-free laser cutting of the inner contours with thick acrylic
  • No tool wear
  • Consistently high cutting quality
  • Cutting and engraving are possible in one operation

Properties of CRYLON®:

  • Transparency with a brilliant look
  • Free of toxic substances or heavy metals
  • Easy recycling possible
  • Easy processing
  • Can be used in contact with food
  • Very good weather resistance
  • Translucent
  • UV-resistant

Area of application of CRYLON®:

Due to its unique material properties, CRYLON® finds numerous areas of application in industry. It is used, for example for construction elements and is the basis for skylights, partition walls, the glazing of doors and gates or light diffusion panels. In the advertising industry, POS / POP displays are made from CRYLON®, but the material is also suitable for lettering, cladding or signs. Last but not least, mechanical engineering components such as housing and machine covers and numerous other applications such as containers or solariums (special UV-permeable variants required) are available for special areas of application. New creative areas of application for CRYLON® regularly emerge, so that the material can continue to be used in many industries.

eurolaser processing test

In the eurolaser application laboratory, the PMMA material was tested in thicknesses of 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm. The processing tests have shown that CRYLON® can be perfectly cut and engraved with our CO2 laser systems. CRYLON® was cut with the same parameters known to us for acrylic processing, so hardly any adjustments in the process are necessary. Even white Crylon® can be processed without any residue by eurolaser.

More information on laser processing of PMMA.

A detailed report on the CRYLON® laser cutting test is available on request.

eurolaser has tested the laser cutting of the following CRYLON® materials:

CRYLON® Clear 8mm

Suitability for laser cutting:excellently suitable

CRYLON® High Impact 610 3mm

Suitability for laser cutting:excellently suitable

CRYLON® High Impact 620 4mm

Suitability for laser cutting:excellently suitable

CRYLON® High Impact 630 5mm

Suitability for laser cutting:excellently suitable

CRYLON® White WO 004 10mm

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

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