Cordura® in laser test

Laser cutting of robust polyamide fabric

Cordura® is a brand of the Swiss Company Invista, a subsidiary of Koch Industries Inc.

The material is based on a woven polyamide fiber and has special properties. It has a very high stability and tear resistance and even has a stab and bullet resistant effect.

eurolaser has taken a closer look at this material. The material was tested in terms of ist properties during laser processing in its own application laboratory.

The advantages of cutting Cordura® with CO₂-Lasers:

  • No tool wear and therefore consistently high cutting quality
  • Sealed cut edges - no more edging necessary
  • Permanent laser engraving for fine product identification (e.g. serial number, documentation)
  • Laser cutting and engraving in one operation
  • Smooth, lint-free cut edges
  • Less cleaning effort due to dust-free cutting
  • Automated processing directly from the material roll
  • No material fixation required as it is non-contact and force-free processing
  • Laser cutting of extremely fine, almost radius-free contours


Scope of application

Due to its properties, Cordura® is mainly used for personal protective Equipment (PPE) and protective clothing. The possible uses range from work trousers and motorcycle clothing to use by security services, police or even military purposes. Cordura® is also increasingly used in the leisure industry (e.g. air-soft, paintball or trampolines). Depending on requirements, there are different variants of  Cordura® in order to provide the right material properties for every need.

Cordura® can be processed into the protective textiles PALStex®, Delinova® and Deliflame®, among others.

Advantages of Cordura®:

  • Anti-stab and bullet protection effect
  • Resistant to environmental influences - usable in all climate zones
  • High temperature and humidity resistance
  • High stability and tear resistance
  • Can be colored and printed

A detailed Report on the Cordura® laser cutting test is available on request.

eurolaser has tested the following variants of Cordura® for their laser cutting ability:


Laser cutting ability: excellently suited



Laser cutting ability: excellently suited


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