Altuglas in laser test

Laser cutting of high quality PMMA sheets

Altuglas® is one of the largest manufacturers of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) in Europe. The glass-like thermoplastic material is also commonly referred to as acrylic. The most common areas of application for PMMA are the advertising industry as well as the signage and lettering sector. PMMA scores here with numerous arguments. The plastic has excellent light permeability, is absolutely colorless and brilliant. In addition, it is easy to process, can be colored and thermoplastically shaped. Due to these properties, PMMA is one of the most popular plastics in advertising technology, but is also used for interior design, in architecture, industry and medical technology. Due to numerous technical applications, PMMA is considered an engineering thermoplastic and is one of the specialty plastics.

eurolaser has now taken a closer look at Altuglas. The material was tested in the in-house application laboratory with regard to the properties during laser processing.

Benefits of cutting Altuglas PMMA with CO₂ lasers:

  • Brilliant, smooth and clear cut edges
  • Laser cutting without clamping or fixing
  • No acrylic chips - less dirt and cleaning effort
  • Cutting and engraving in one operation
  • Highest precision and practically radius-free laser cutting of inner contours with almost all acrylic glass thicknesses
  • No tool wear and therefore consistently high cutting quality


Scope of application

Due to its properties, Altuglas is used for many different markets. That includes architecture and construction, automotives, electronics, consumer goods and medical products. The possible uses range from the usage as sneeze-guards, in doors and windows up to furniture and consumer goods. Altuglas is available in different widths, thicknesses and color variants in order to provide the right solution for every need.

eurolaser processing test

eurolaser has now taken a closer look at Altuglas® PMMA. In our own application laboratory, the material was tested for properties during laser processing.

In the eurolaser application laboratory, the PMMA material was tested in thicknesses of 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 8 mm. The processing tests have shown that Altuglas® can be perfectly cut and engraved with our CO2 laser systems. Altuglas® was cut with the same parameters known to us for acrylic processing, so that when using this material no or hardly any adjustments in the process are necessary.
More information on laser processing of PMMA.

A detailed report on the Altuglas® laser cutting test is available on request.

eurolaser has tested the laser cutting of the following Altuglas® materials:

Altuglas® PMMA CN 100.47010 (3mm)
Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Altuglas® PMMA CN 100.27006 (4mm)
Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Altuglas® PMMA CN 100.10000 (5mm)
Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Altuglas® PMMA CN 101.47005 (8mm)
Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

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