KOHLSCHEIN display board in laser test

Laser cutting of KROMA® and STUDIOBOARD®

Under the brand names KROMA® and STUDIOBOARD®, Kohlschein produces and sells environmentally friendly display boards and cardboards for print, display & packaging. The application area for KROMA® is diverse and ranges from signs, POS displays, posters and ceiling hangers to solutions for industrial packaging. STUDIOBOARD® is the best choice for high-quality packaging and graphic purposes.

The goal of the laser test

Smoke-free cut edges and precise contours for display cardboards

We tested a selection of KROMA® and STUDIOBOARD® products from KOHLSCHEIN GmbH for processing with our laser cutters. In consultation with KOHLSCHEIN, we prioritized the following requirements of the advertising and printing industry:

  • Precise and radius-free contours without overcutting, e.g. for POS displays and ceiling hangers with individual, small-scale designs
  • Trace-free cutting results even with white cardboard, for use in design and advertising
  • Burr-free cut edges for unrestricted further processing and excellent appearance
  • Undamaged material surfaces even with ink application or protective coverings
  • Efficient production to save time for the user

The test setup: M-800 with 200 watts laser

System size: M-800
Ideal system size for standardized cardboard panels.

Automation: Shuttle table system
Excellent system utilization, increased efficiency.

Laser source: 200 watts
For the highest possible cutting speed.

Test result:

KROMA® and STUDIOBOARD® excellently suited for laser processing

All tested materials from KOHLSCHEIN GmbH can be cut excellently with a eurolaser machine. We areable to meet all requirements and therefore unreservedly recommend the laser as the optimal tool for processing these display boards. As a processor, you get a completely efficient production process with the best possible cutting quality when using a eurolaser system. As a result, we award the eurolaser certificates for processing with the rating "excellently suitable".

Additional benefits of cutting display cardboard with eurolaser systems:

  • Thanks to non-contact processing and vacuum table, no material squeesing or damage to surface edges during cutting, even after the application of ink or protective coatings
  • Low cleaning effort thanks to lint-free, dust-free and overall clean processing
  • Low tool wear - tool does not need to be changed or sharpened

Properties and application areas of KOHLSCHEIN's display boards: 

KROMA® Displayboard - The plastic-free all-rounder

KROMA® Displayboard is a double-sided white display board with particularly smooth, double-coated cardboard layers, that are excellently printable. The sustainable virgin fiber board is characterized by high stability at low weight, very good flatness and problem-free further processing as well as clean cut edges thanks to a light core. Ideal for POS displays, stand-up displays, ceiling hangers, back wall board and industrial packaging.

KROMA® Displayboard var. thicknesses

KROMA® Kraft - The strong kraft board

KROMA Kraft is a natural brown display board with top layers of unbleached kraft board and a natural white insert. With its natural feel, the material is reminiscent of kraft cardboard. It can be processed excellently by direct digital printing or screen printing on both sides and convinces with its natural haptic and strong kraft look. Due to its high stability and good flatness, it can easily be processed as a display, ceiling hanger or luxury packaging.

KROMA® Kraft var. thicknesses

KROMA® Outdoor - for short-term outdoor use

KROMA® Outdoor is a double-sided printable display board with double-coated face sheets and a core of resistant kraft board. This composition results in a particularly high wet strength and stiffness. KROMA Outdoor is an environmentally friendly, plastic-free alternative for posters, ceiling hangers and POS applications used temporarily outdoors.

KROMA® Outdoor

KROMA® Natural White - The natural one

KROMA® Natural White is an uncoated display board with extra-smooth face layers and a light-colored insert. A natural white look is achieved without optical brighteners. The very good flatness combined with high stiffness result in excellent processing properties. The material is therefore suitable for direct printing, can be processed as laminating paper for bookbinding, or is used as a calender backing or as a backing board for framing purposes.

KROMA® Natural White

KROMA® All Black - The deep black premium board

KROMA® All Black is a deep black through-dyed premium board with very smooth, matt black surfaces.  It is a virgin fibre board with high material volume, very good flatness & excellent stability. It is 100% recyclable, free of plastic components, fsc-certified and therefore absolutely sustainable in production.
It is particularly suitable for packaging, presentations, POS/POP displays and hang tags - Due to its very good flatness & high stability, it is suitable for direct digital printing, screen printing & letterpress printing on both sides. It also has ideal cutting properties for clean cut edges - The area of application is mainly in the field of luxury packaging, boxes, signs, displays, photo albums, cards and much more - Made in Germany

KROMA® All Black

KROMA® All White

KROMA® All White is a bright white premium board. Due to the bright white top layers on both sides, KROMA® All White can be printed excellently in digital printing and screen printing. With its high stiffness and strength, it is ideal for further processing with lasers. It is 100% recyclable, free of plastic components, FSC-certified and therefore absolutely sustainable in production.
It is particularly suitable for packaging, presentations, POS/POP displays and hang tags. The field of application is mainly seen in the area of luxury packaging, boxes, signs, displays, photo albums, cards and many more - Made in Germany

KROMA® All White

STUDIOBOARD® - Perfect for print

STUDIOBOARD® is a double-sided bright white chromo board with triple coated faces. The FSC-certified material with identical front and reverse sides is made of 100% primary fibers for high volume and excellent surface smoothness. This is noticeable in the print quality in offset & UV offset printing as well as screen printing or direct digital printing. Good flatness and high stability allow easy finishing for various applications such as high quality packaging or gift sets, graphic purposes, business reports, brochures, calendars, catalogs or POS materials.

STUDIOBOARD® var. thicknesses

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