Laser cutting of cardboard

COASTER BOARD is a natural white beer board with uncoated surfaces and good moisture absorption. The material is printable on both sides and suitable with food contact. Applications are for example beer mats, cake underlays, food packaging as well as cap seals, greeting cards and sales promotion materials. The demand for individually cut contours has prompted us to test the cutting capability of COASTER BOARD on our laser systems.

Features of COASTER BOARD:

  • Good moisture absorption
  • Printable on both sides
  • Natural white, without optical brighteners (OBA free)
  • High bulk & light weight
  • PEFC certified
  • Sustainable, 100% recyclable

Objective of the laser test:

Smoke-free cut edges and filigree details without overcutting

We have tested different thicknesses of COASTER BOARD for processing with our laser cutters. In processing, attention was paid to the following requirements.

  • Smoke-free cut edges
  • Discoloration-free cut edges
  • No overcutting of filigree details
  • Machining speed

The test setup used:

Table concept:  Shuttle table system with honeycomb
The shuttle table system can significantly increase capacity utilization during production. The Honeycomb ensures good lower suction and optimum material position.

Recommended laser power: < 60 Watt
The material can be cut very well with low laser power.

Test result:

COASTER BOARD can be cut excellently with the laser

In our test, we tested both COASTER BOARD in material thicknesses of 0.9 and 1.4 mm. The coated board achieved perfect cutting results in all tests and the test requirements were optimally met. We therefore award COASTER BOARD the rating: "Outstandingly suitable".

Overall, we can give a clear recommendation for COASTER BOARD laser processing.

COASTER BOARD, 0,9 mm + 1,4 mm

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Additional benefits of cutting display cardboard with eurolaser systems:

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