Key chain of acrylic

Laser cutting and engraving

Giveaways are a very effective way to spread advertisement. A remarkable form and precise processing gather attraction and stay in the mind. PMMA is the most suitable material to be processed by laser, being able to take any form the fantasy can create.

Task: 10 mm acrylic glass is to be cut, so that a high-quality and polished cutting edge is created. In addition, vector lettering is to be engraved through the protective foil. After processing, the foil is to be removed in whole. Furthermore, a borehole is intended for receiving a key ring.


Remarks: Processing occurred with protective foil.

Conclusion: Due to the contact-free laser cutting, mechanical clamping or fixing of the material is not necessary. After laser cutting, the cut acrylic has a polished cutting edge, so that further post-processing is not required. Vector engravings can be realised easily, even with protective foil applied. The bore hole for inserting the key ring is possible virtually radius-free. The inner contours also have a polished cutting edge.

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