LED illuminated external signage

Cutting of acrylic and routing of Dibond®

External signage comes in many different forms, and a wide range of colours and materials are used. Individuality and recognition are required anywhere where a retail business, restaurant or doctor’s surgery e.g. needs to attract attention. Eye-catching, individual design is required in order to stand out and attract attention, particularly in heavily-frequented areas such as shopping malls and busy roads.

This example shows a combination of laser cutting and routing.

The base plate of the sign is made from Dibond®, an aluminium and polyethylene compound. This material is particularly outstanding because of its light weight and weather resistance. It was routed using the Zünd Routing Module. The inscription is made from acrylic material and was cut on the same system using the CO2 laser.

LED illuminated acrylic glass

In order to give the sign particular emphasis, it is backlit. This reinforces the visual stimulus and highlights the inlaid acrylic material. LEDs, which are being used with ever-increasing frequency in advertising, provide a long-lasting and low-cost solution in this case. Enhancing the sign with lighting effects draws more attention and sets the scene perfectly.

Your benefits of eurolaser machines at a glance:

  • Use of cnc router and laser cutter in one system
  • More choice of materials
  • Extremely fast tool changes (from router to laser) without retrofitting
  • Easy actuation from the same file
  • Precision cutting
  • Other mechanical tools can be used (knives, creasing tools and many more)

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