Laser engraving on granite

Granite – impressive and versatile

A rock just made for design ideas in interior fittings and much more. Granite is often found in indoor areas where it is used as floor tiles, staircase elements, work surfaces in kitchens as well as in bathrooms. Due to its resistance to soiling it also often used in outdoor areas for the surfacing of patios and driveways and for tombstones.

High-gloss polished granite surfaces are particularly well suited for impressive laser engravings. Thanks to the smooth surface and the fine-grain texture images accurate down to the last detail and with outstanding contrast properties can be applied with contactless processing.

Your benefits of laser engraving at a glance:

  • Contactless, no clamping necessary, no material damage
  • No tool wear and no retooling in contrast to chiselling or milling
  • High level of repeatability with consistent quality
  • Extremely fine contours and details possible with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi
  • High contrasts in particular for smooth, polished surfaces

The surface of the rock is removed by laser beam. A rough, matt area is left, which appears like a change in colour against the polished areas. The darker the rock, the more intense the contrast generated by laser engraving appears. The quality of the laser engraving is permanent, frost-resistant, weatherproof and does not fade with time.

Compared to conventional processing methods such as chiselling or milling, the eurolaser raster engraving unit can be used to engrave grey scale pictures on the material surface as well as black and white motifs. Realistic and impressive pictures or patterns in granite – a challenge for new ideas.

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