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MDF furniture and trade fair construction

The mechanical processing of wood is normally connected with time-intensive pre-work or re-working. The material has to be fastened, tools sharpened and the work area swept of shavings and dust. What benefits do lasers provide when processing wood? Using our illustrative example, we show you how unusual seating units can be made with MDF boards.

MDF – The material for furniture, trade fair and interior design construction

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a very inexpensive material. As opposed to simple particleboard, it boasts almost twice the amount of flexural strength. The high density of the boards necessitates a high level of wear and tear in machining processing methods. What is less well known: MDF is ideal for laser processing! In our example, we cut and assembled an unusual chair from MDF with 6 mm thickness. Using the simple insertion principle and the precision of laser cutting, there are no limits to your imagination. This combination is primarily interesting for the manufacture of furniture, for trade fair, shop fitting and interior design construction. Architects and designers around the globe use MDF to make their ideas reality and laser technology is increasingly being used for manufacturing.

Laser cutting MDF:

  • Large workpieces of up to 3210 x 3200 mm can be processed in one piece
  • No tool wear and tear
  • Contactless processing – no inserting or fastening necessary
  • Work-intensive cleaning of the working area is eliminated as no chips are created
  • Very precise cutting
  • Delicate and almost radius-free inner contours possible

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Simply lay out and cut

eurolaser laser systems are specially designed for industrial manufacture. The unusually large working areas mean that even large items can be cut from the whole MDF board.

Send your design direct from your graphics software to the laser system. It does not matter whether you want to make individual items or entire series. The MDF does not need to be fixed to the laser system, nor do you need to clean up after cutting. The cut pieces can be removed directly without post-processing and simply fixed together. It couldn't be more easy!

In contrast to milling and sawing, the laser system is suitable for delicate cutting, and therefore the ideal machine for our furniture application.

Excellent cut edges and minimal cutting gap ensure very little wastage. The software-controlled organisation of the individual pieces (nesting) means you can increase the already very economical production. As a result, your laser system will quickly pay for itself. In general, wooden boards of up to 25 mm thickness can be processed.  Please note that the quality of the raw materials is the basis for a good end product. The colouring of the cut edge is mainly caused  by the glues and resins in the wood. Selecting suitable wood varieties can minimise the colouration, if desired. Should you have any further questions about processing wood, just give us a call. Our experts will be happy to help!

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