Cutting filter material

Because only the best gets through

Woven fabrics for filtration are frequently manufactured for technical processes and are often in continuous operation. Whether for the separation of contaminants or for cider plants in food production - filter media are always needed. Individual filter and large filter manufacturer, as well as immediate availability of the materials for the operators are arguments enough for favouring the specific use of laser technology.

The demands on manufacture are growing in step with the technical opportunities to ensure that really only the best gets through. Laser cutting is quite simply better and guarantees you:

  • Lint-free cuts
  • No stressing due to stretching or punching
  • Large format cut up to 3,200 mm roll width
  • Precise cut - wear-free, no tool changes necessary
  • Automatic material feed- and wind-up options

An automatic material feeding unit combined with a table extension for the removal of material increases your productivity by more than 50% and simultaneously guarantees consistently high quality in the cut.

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