High-performance films from ORAFOL

Laser cutting capability of ORAJET® tested at eurolaser

ORAFOL is well-known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of innovative self-adhesive graphic films, reflective materials and adhesive tape systems. The premium brand ORAJET® has a top-class reputation throughout the industry. In order to determine the laser cutting capability of the films, eurolaser tested two different high-performance films from ORAFOL in its own application laboratory.

Advantages of cutting ORAJET® with CO₂ lasers:

  • No knife cleaning necessary, parts do not stick after cutting
  • Consistently perfect cutting result
  • Maximum repeat accuracy
  • No material distortion thanks to contact-free cutting
  • Clean-cut edges
  • Narrow radii and extremely fine filigree details possible

Characteristics of ORAJET® 3172XG-010

  • PVC-free digital printing film based on surface-coated polypropylene.
  • Glossy white
  • For use indoors and for short periods outdoors
  • Polyacrylate, detachable, grey
  • Compliant with EN 71-3: 2013, 4.2 (Safety of toys)

Characteristics of ORAJET® 3352F-000

  • Ultra-transparent polyester film, surface coated with printing lacquer
  • Available with a glossy surface
  • For use indoors and for short periods outdoors on windows
  • Wet bonding is possible
  • Inkjet printing using solvent-based inks, UV inks or latex inks


The processing tests at eurolaser have shown that the ORAFOL films that were tested can be cut perfectly with our CO2 laser systems. Our laser systems achieved excellent results with both variants that were tested. The tests were performed on our 60 Watt XL-1600 laser system.

We will send you a detailed report of the film laser cutting test by Contact [defekt, für debugging Zwecke]request.

    eurolaser has tested the following materials from ORAFOL for their laser cutting capability.

    Orajet 3172XG-010

    Suitability for laser cutting: excellent suitable


    Orajet 3352F-000

    Suitability for laser cutting: excellent suitable


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