The emblem of France made of acrylic glass

Only a laser can do this!

Whether as a souvenir or architectural model, miniatures can perfectly be cut with a CO2 laser. The fine laser beam provides excellent precision. In this example, we used 3 mm acrylic glass for the Eiffel Tower. Properly illuminated, this building is a real eye-catcher, and not only for fans of French architecture!

Why can this only be done by laser?

  • Lots of fine details
  • The narrow edges of the workpiece do not allow for clamping
  • The thin laser beam enables any number of internal contours with virtually no internal radius
  • The thin joints are not fractured thanks to contact-less cutting


The decisive argument in this example application is the contact-less machining. This way, fixing the acrylic is not necessary, there is no mechanical stress on the material and the precision is unsurpassed. The delicate acrylic parts can be positioned close together due to the high level of accuracy so that you can take full advantage of the material. Our nesting module can even do this work for you and place the cutting data of the individual pieces on your acrylic in the optimum way.

Laser cutting of acrylic

It is so easy:

  • Lay out the acrylic sheet including the protective film and without fixing
  • Select standard parameters for 3 mm acrylic
  • Select cutting contour
  • Press the button to start processing
  • Remove the finished pieces with no further post-processing (e.g. flame polishing)

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