Decorative ideas for Easter

Easter bunnies made from acrylic

Every year, many trees are decorated with brightly-coloured eggs and houses are festively adorned all over the world during the Easter period. Starting with large Easter nests to little bunnies made from acrylic, wood or other materials, a wide variety of different decoration items is available. In addition to the standard look to be found in the big department stores, there is also always demand for more individual products ranges and inventive, unique designs.

The advantages of acrylic laser cutting:

  • Smooth, crystal-clear cut edges in one work operation (no flame polishing necessary) – even with inner contours
  • No clamping or fixing of the acrylic sheets necessary
  • Extremely high degree of precision during the cutting and engraving of acrylic glass
  • No acrylic chippings – less soiling and less cleaning required
  • Processing of acrylic glass with protective film possible – without any material damage
  • No tool wear, therefore consistently high cutting quality

For example, you can laser:

Laser technology can also make its contribution to creating a festive atmosphere. Be it classically elegant, extravagant and unusual or simply just cheerfully playful – the right Easter decorations can be created for all furnishing styles and living trends.

Let yourself be inspired!

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