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Printed acrylic plates

High-quality photo prints on acrylic

An advertising sign is the classic among sign-marketing products. Even in earlier times, before today’s technical possibilities, companies and businessmen used such signs to attract attention to their businesses and their products. Initially made with chalk and a black- board or by using the artistic skills of advertising sign designers. Finding favour with customers is more important nowadays than ever before. Only those who excel as above average, who can arouse enthusiasm and thus awake a desire to buy in customers can maintain a competitive edge in many sectors.

Laser cutting of printed acrylic
Laser cutting of printed acrylic

Is there anyone who does not linger in front of a high-gloss grand piano in a showroom? There is no one who does not give a second look if a blaze of colour in top image quality with exciting motifs catches their eye!

This can be achieved easily nowadays thanks to advanced digital printing. The second aspect then determines the choice of material. Time after time it is acrylic (Plexiglas) that proves the ideal material, as this incorporates so many benefits. In addition to the extensive range of acrylic glass to choose from, it is also easily available all over the world.  Acrylic plates, whether printed or moulded, can now be processed with laser in sandwich print with excellent results.

High-quality photo prints, back printed onto a 1 - 4 mm thick acrylic glass plate are impressive with an above-average brilliance (see picture on the right), create an elegant look, are protected and upgrade every product advertisement many times over. Colours & glamour will gain in importance in the year 2010. Laser offers you every imaginable contour. In an age of high-resolution flat screens the customer’s eye has become attuned to top quality. Who would voluntarily want to fall behind?

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