True-to-contour cutting of printed acrylic

Laser cutting of photo-prints

Acrylic is popular in visual communication due to its high versatility. As an advertising sign or in sign marketing, it generates attention or conveys information. Printed acrylic is increasingly used for this purpose. This achieves an exciting depth effect with brilliant motif or photo prints using advanced printing techniques such as digital printing and can be produced in different sizes and thicknesses. The print-on-demand trend is increasingly confronting converters with individual customer requirements that simply cannot be realized by many tools. We explain why the laser cutter is best suited for processing printed acrylic.

The objective in processing

Printing creates completely new challenges for acrylic processors. Gentle processing must take place in which neither the material itself nor the ink is damaged.

Requirements for cutting printed acrylic:

  • Contour-accurate cutting for every print contour
  • Completely non-contact processing so that material and print remain undamaged
  • No smoke development and/or color change on the print
  • Automated process for greater production efficiency

The solution: POSITIONplus from eurolaser

For precise, contour-accurate cutting in an automated process, we recommend our optical recognition system POSITIONplus. This intrelligent solution sonsisting of camera and evaluation software allows the recognition of contours based on fiducial marks. Stay ahead in acrylic processing and rely on advanced automation technology. With eurolaser, you can meet your customers' requirements at any time.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Precise cutting along every conceivable print contour
  • Smooth, burr-free cut edges with maximum brilliance and a noble look without repolishing
  • Optical recognition system positions the laser beam with the aid of fiducial marks
  • Faster throughput times and simultaneously high process reliability with reduced machine setup times
  • Clean processing without chips or tool cleaning
  • JOBIDENT for extensive automation of processes from import to file output

Our tips for creating fiducial marks

Do you want to ensure greater reliability when cutting printed acrylic glass? Fiducial marks ensure maximum efficiency in contour-accurate processing. Together with our optical recognition system POSITIONplus, you can simplify your process.

Learn more about the application of fiducial marks

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