Plywood candle arch - a decorative candle-holder from the Ore Mountains

Festive atmosphere created with laser light

Christmas time has started and people all over the world are decorating their homes and businesses to give them a festive touch. Windows are filled with candles and fairy lights, and there are plenty of this most popular and classic of Christmas decorations: wooden Christmas decorations. Yet another reason to show you how our laser systems contribute to the festivity of this season.

In the meantime innovative artistic forges in Germany also produce filigree designs in the famous regions such as Sauerland, the Black Forest and the Ore Mountains. The use of extremely focused laser light by no means replaces traditional wood craftsmanship - but enhances it significantly! Ultra fine contours can be produced with the contact-free cut and laser technology creates excellent cutting results even in the case of printed woods.

The slight oxidation (dark colouring) on the cutting edge is in part intended, but it can be reduced significantly by choosing the right type of wood, by regulating the moisture content and by selecting the right kind of gluing components (UF resin glue).


Apart from the cutting performance for plywood types with thicknesses of up to 10 mm, the thermal processing also allows a whole range of engraving applications that are rich in contrast. Vector engravings, pixel images as well as relief work with 3-D effects can all be created in wood with excellent results. Depending on the required productivity laser classes from 100 to 650 watts are used here.

Laser cutting of wood

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