Trend-setting mobile phone cases

Individually engraved bamboo

According to a recent survey several billion mobile phones have been sold worldwide to date. This represents a huge potential with excellent growth prospects. The trend towards high-quality, multifunctional smartphones with touch screens is still on the rise, with the practical function of telephony playing only a minor role nowadays. Good Internet surfing functionality, high-resolution cameras and practical apps are the features that are often of decisive importance for today’s clients.  Many people can no longer imagine life without this little helper.

It is not surprising therefore, that these small personal treasures need to be protected against soiling and damage. Added to this is the increasing desire for individuality that results in an ever growing demand for personalised protective cases. Fashionable design paired with practical functionality – protective cases are the ideal solution here. In this example a mobile phone case made of bamboo was marked with a personalised motif. Bamboo, a material that is both wide spread and widely used in the cultural area of Asia, is now becoming more and more popular in the western hemisphere. This mobile phone case was engraved economically on the QuickMark laser system within a few seconds.

Benefits of laser engraving:

  • Unbeatably fast engravings
  • Fine contours possible despite material grain
  • No clamping, so no workpiece damage
  • Fantastic relief effects can be achieved by using different laser powers

Material information about bamboo:

Bamboo is a fast growing, grass-type woody raw material of great cultural, economic and ecological importance, particularly in Asia. It is found in its natural form in Asia, North and South America and Australia. Although the tropics and subtropics are the main growth areas, some types of bamboo also thrive in colder regions. Due to its high stability, the comparably light bamboo wood can be put to any number of uses and is therefore a vital basic material for a large number of people.

As a raw material bamboo is used for the manufacture of furniture, the construction of houses, for scaffolding, the production of textiles and is the basis of other biological materials. Even music instruments can be made of bamboo. Bamboo is also interesting from an energy point of view. Bamboo is often the basis for pellets or charcoal. Thanks to the use of plant extracts it is even used as a raw material in the production of cosmetics and personal care products. So it really has a very wide range of possible applications.

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