High-quality acrylic signs for buildings

Laser cutting of acrylic

Found everywhere and yet always individual in appearance – signs made of acrylic glass. They are ideally suited for signs on public buildings, shops and office premises and even for private use. Digitally printed on the reverse side and provided with the respective message, they give the desired information to anyone looking at them.


Acrylic is just made for the CO2 laser processing. Even lamination or printing has no negative effect whatsoever on this. The result is independent of the skill of the machine operator, because the finished product is created in virtually one work step. No post processing of the edges is necessary.


Reverse printed acrylic glass is most impressive with its high-quality appearance and it can be manufactured in any desired shape using laser cutting. The surface is neither damaged nor soiled. So there are no limits to the design possibilities. Lighting effects enhance the impression even further.

Your benefits:

  • Clear, smooth cut edges in one operation
  • Processing with protective foil possible
  • Chipless processing!
  • No clamping
  • Boreholes can be made simultaneously during processing
  • High contour accuracy thanks to optional camera recognition

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